The New Patent Shoes I have fallen in love with…


The majority of the shoes I own are Doc Martens…and there is a very specific reason why I always come back to this brand. Although they are an investment, being at a higher price point than a lot of other shoes, the quality beats all. A few years ago I was rooting through some of my mum’s old stuff and found these brown Doc Marten boots still in perfect condition. I fell in love.. and after some discussion they became mine for the foreseeable future. I have worn these shoes for the last 2 or so years every day. Day-to-day wear, festivals, nights out, they were perfect for everything! These shoes were about 30 years old and my mum wore them for a very long time before I even existed. If you take care of them, these shoes can last forever, and even passed down through generations!


So, having multiple boots in my collection I was on the search for something a bit more classy, plain… but can add a lot to your outfit. It took me a long time to decide but I found these babies. They are the Women’s Re-Invented 1461 Black Patent Leather Shoes.

Priced at €100, first and foremost they are so comfortable. The classic yellow thread running along the sole of the shoe adds the vintage feel and makes them instantly recognisable as Doc Martens. They have a 3-eyelet lace which makes them look more petite, something I love. The patent leather makes them super easy to clean and sometimes I think that I get a little bit paranoid about them being dirty. Just because they are so shiny and glossy it feels wrong! I’ve never felt like that about any other shoe…


Because they are so simple, they go with any outfit, of any colour, tights or no tights, whatever you feel in the mood for, they just work! I think me and these shoes are going to have a lovely relationship in the future. My babies, my loves, my shoesies.

Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this,

Love and Light,


Amy xx

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