Mini Boohoo Haul

Back at it again with the regular posts, go me!  Made a cheeky boohoo purchase last week to up the mood, nothing like a bit of retail therapy! Hope you enjoy :*

Drew textured Zip A Line Mini Skirt





It’s not very typical of me to add some colour to my wardrobe, but I thought this was the perfect piece to do it with.  It’s a beautiful lilac colour which is very toned down and goes with all the rest of the monotone things in my collection.  Perfect fit, and has a lovely thin fabric which hangs nicely on the body.  The zip at the back is very concealed adding to the simplicity of the piece.  It has a lovely texture as well which is very subtle.  I got this in size 12, lilac, and paid €10 for it!  Loooove this!

Fran Petite Cross Over Crepe Woven Skater Dress





I have soo many skater dresses but nothing in black so I feel like this was necessary!  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the fabric because it was only €8, it’s very thick which is great.  I love the crossover detail which made this piece a bit different to other things I have, but of course the model had smaller boobies than me and not too sure if I like how much cleavage it shows.  It also means I can’t really wear a bra with this, which makes them seem a bit more out of control!  Definitely doesn’t make me feel too confident.  Another thing I wasn’t too pleased about was on the inside of the cross over fabric in the front has some extra unnecessary fabric which tends to slip out when I move, so I’ll have to try and iron this flat and see if that helps.  You can see this in the pictures as well.  I got this in a size 10, black.

Violet Moon Hair Clip



Not entirely sure why I got this, one of those impulse buys!  But it was only €4 so can’t really go wrong.  Got it in gold, which I’ve been wearing a lot of lately jewellery wise so thought it might be a nice addition to a look.  I also never wear clips in my hair so thought I’d try it out.  It’s nice, not obsessed with it but it’s different.  I wish the moon was orientated differently cause it always seems to be in the wrong place.  What can you do!

Cameron Marl Brush Cropped Hoody





Saving the best for last!  I’ve been looking for a plain black cropped hoody for soooo long but haven’t found one that was just plain before this so I had to get it!  I got it in size small, black, and cost me €16.  The fabric is so lovely, really thick and warm, which is probably why it always has to be washed at 30 degrees.  The cropped length is perfect for my body type, although I do find the hoody to be a bit tight on the neck and difficult to pull over your head.  Love this and so happy with the purchase!  Can’t stop wearing it 🙂

Hoped you liked this mini boohoo haul, a small order but can’t be breaking the bank these days. Y’all know how it is!  Also, let me know if you’d be interested in a quick life update to let you know what I’ve been up to!

Love and light,


Amy xx

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